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Novisto sponsors the Value Reporting Foundation Symposium

Text with 3 principles. #1 Integrated thinking principles, integrated reporting framework, SASB standards, Value reporting foundation.

Novisto showcases its platform's capabilities for integrating SASB Standards.

Following the success of the longstanding IIRC Conference and SASB Symposium, the inaugural Value Reporting Foundation Symposium will take place on December 6-7, 2021 as a virtual event. The event will feature leading experts to discuss progress towards a comprehensive corporate reporting system and provides insights from businesses and investors using integrated thinking, the Framework, and/or the SASB Standards.

Novisto will be an Integration Sponsor of the Symposium, where attendees will be able to access a demo of the Novisto platform as it relates to the integration of the SASB Standards. We’re a proud data licensee of the SASB Standards which have served as a starting point and foundation to our ESG topic taxonomy and our concept of metrics that capture ESG-related performance data.

Interested in learning more how our platform supports reporting with major recognized frameworks and standards, such as the SASB Standards? Request a demo here.