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Manage progress and lead meaningful change

Empowering action-oriented ESG teams—from reporting and beyond. Focus on the metrics that matter, develop tailored measurements for your specific organization, and track your progress.

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Curated metrics

Order from a menu of curated ESG metrics

Focus on what matters. Leverage our library of 1000+ pre-built metrics based on industry, material topics and reporting goals. Continually updated and aligned to the evolving reporting landscape.

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Custom metrics

Flexibility to go beyond the standardized

For ESG data requirements beyond existing frameworks or standards, create new metrics or add new data fields to custom metrics, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your data infrastructure.


Real-time transparency & accountability

Track and share your progress towards your targets. Deliver real-time insights to your internal and external stakeholders—even outside of reporting season.

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  • "The changes we’ve seen since utilizing the platform include very positive feedback from institutional investors."

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    Roddell McCullough Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer

Make ESG a competitive advantage

Explore the sustainability management software trusted by the world's most ambitious ESG teams.