Quality & Performance

Own the Narrative of your ESG Performance

Connect Your Organization Globally to a Unified Source of ESG Data

  • Novisto makes it easy to gain deep, contextualized insight into the ESG performance of your company and its supply chain and to deliver targeted messaging to internal and external stakeholders using the channel that matters most to them.
  • With Novisto’s audit and control capabilities, you will have the transparency and necessary trust in your data quality to control your company’s ESG narrative.
Accuracy & Velocity

Streamline your ESG Reporting

Increase Efficiency with Automation

Novisto provides automation capabilities that streamlines every step of your ESG reporting process. Using advanced workflow capabilities, you will have the needed tools to efficiently collect, manage and disclose your ESG performance in accordance with prescriptive formats required by global reporting frameworks and rating initiatives, such as GRI, SASB, DJSI, CDP, TCFD, and many others.

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Visibility & Control

Minimize your Enterprise ESG Risk

Identify and Manage Material ESG Risk

  • Novisto provides you with continuous visibility on how ESG and other non-financial issues are impacting your company's strategy and operations.
  • With Novisto you can easily understand and act on risks linked to the ESG considerations of your company’s existing processes.
  • By enabling ESG and financial integration, Novisto will help you manage and improve your company's sustainability performance.
How it works

The ERP of ESG

Automatic Data Collection

All your Investment-Grade ESG Data Assets in one Place

Manage and Improve

AI-Driven Analytics and Insights for ESG Risk and Performance Management


One Dataset, Report to Multiple Frameworks and Standards


Video Overview


A Scalable SaaS Platform Built on Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Extensive and scalable ESG data lake
  • Automatic data ingestion through APIs
  • Intelligent survey and workflow tools
  • Dynamic mapping to major frameworks
  • Outbound APIs
  • Automatic GHG emissions calculation
  • Robust data collection and aggregation
  • Identify areas where performance deviates significantly from the norm
  • Standardized chart of accounts and data manual
  • Integrate with auditing, verification processes and control activities
  • Minimize irregularities through automated aberration flagging
  • Financial-grade control/QA environment
  • Interactive customizable dashboards
  • Market sensing and scanning
  • Financial integration
  • Advanced analytics for CSR risk management and scenario planning
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of key CSR metrics, goals and targets
  • CSR project and resources management
  • Benchmark performance against comparable companies
  • Collect unstructured data
  • Get insights on how to optimize ESG disclosure impact
  • Benefits from predictive and prescriptive insights
  • Obtain AI- driven recommendations on opportunities and risks
Why Novisto

Efficiency, Reliability, Insight, Control