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ESG solutions for all industries

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Novisto’s flexible platform and domain expertise empower teams everywhere to create value from their ESG strategy. Contact us to learn how we’re enabling meaningful change in your industry.

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Banking & Insurance

Measure and manage financed emissions, climate risks, ethical conduct, fair lending, and more with standardized metrics.


Efficiently measure and report on data security, workforce diversity, and systemic risks from technology interruptions.


 Seamlessly measure and report on climate impacts, DEI activities, cybersecurity, and more with curated metrics.

Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Mitigate risk and improve stakeholder confidence with sector-specific guidance and reporting best practices.


Track emissions intensity, water use, food waste, and more while aligning with standards like the GRI and SASB.


Measure and report on material issues including supply chain risks, safety incidents, renewable energy use, and waste.

Food & Beverage

Enhance traceability and transparency across supply chains, while tracking GHG emissions, food loss & waste, and more.


Easily measure and report on financed emissions, climate risks, safety incidents, ethical conduct, and more.

  • "We leveraged Novisto for the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. We cut down the time it took for us to do the assessment by 50%."

    PagerDuty company logo.
    Asheen Phansey Director of ESG & Sustainability, PagerDuty
  • "A side benefit of working with the Novisto platform has been not just the ability to update our reporting—and automate that reporting—but to also assist us with other tasks that generally take a long time to complete, such as the CDP questionnaire."

    Balchem company logo.
    Denis Sangulin Senior Director of Internal Audit & Global Head of Sustainability, Balchem
  • "We want to defocus our resources on the reporting side of ESG to refocus our efforts on all of the strategic opportunities we want to put in place. An integrated, automated solution for data collection and reporting makes this much easier."

Disclose—with confidence.

Confidently and efficiently navigate your entire reporting landscape: mandatory & voluntary, questionnaire responses, and ad hoc data requests.

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