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ESG Data Management


Our scalable, agile, state-of-the-art platform supports every step of your sustainability management journey.

How Novisto’s ESG Software can help your organization?

As an end-to-end software solution, Novisto’s platform supports several business use cases and objectives at different stages of ESG maturity and integration. We help you evolve beyond just reporting to managing your material ESG issues and integrating sustainability into corporate strategy.

Novisto ESG Software Product Video

ESG Data Collection

Keep everything in one place.

Automate ESG data collection through intake workflows, document imports, or APIs to build a centralized and secure system of record for both quantitative and qualitative data. Better data helps facilitate the auditing process, enabling investment-grade ESG information.

Sustainability Reporting

Navigate the reporting landscape with ease.

Build customized and standard-compliant sustainability reports with dynamic guidance for best practices. Novisto helps you streamline the reporting process through workflow automation, role assignments, and validation.
Novisto's ESG Reporting & Data Management Software - Generic Team


Execute customized and actionable analysis.

Leverage artificial intelligence to examine your data through multiple analyses and benchmarking exercises. Novisto helps generate insights on both your sustainability performance and reporting practices.

Collaborative Workflows

Un-silo sustainability across the organization.

Streamline collaboration and information sharing across several teams to advance your sustainability programs and reporting. Use Novisto’s customized dashboards, unlimited user seats, and clear role assignments to “speak the same language” when it comes to ESG.

ESG Risk Management

Identify and manage material ESG risks.

Act on your data to manage material ESG issues, set and track targets, and improve your sustainability risk profile. Novisto provides you with continuous visibility on how ESG and other pre-financial issues are impacting your company’s strategy and operations


Stay informed on the most important development and recent trends in ESG and sustainability management.