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Sustainability Management


Corporate sustainability is inherently a cross-functional exercise and value driver – it’s time to get teams aligned on the same page when it comes to ESG.

How can Novisto help you?

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Spend less time on data collection and navigating the complex landscape of reporting frameworks and more time on benchmarking, sustainability strategy, and execution.

Investor Relations and Communications

Take control of your ESG narrative, disclose what is material to your investors, seamlessly answer third party ESG questionnaires and conduct competitive analysis with a click of a button.

C-Suite and Corporate Boards

Identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities, review and improve your company’s performance and take data-driven decisions with ESG data you can trust.
esg software by industry

By Industry

Whatever the sector you operate in, ESG considerations are more important than ever and Novisto can support you throughout your sustainability journey. We have developed some sector-specific guidance to address unique challenges, business contexts, and provide even more insightful recommendations for better sustainability management.
sustainability software by business need

By Business Need

As an end-to-end software solution, Novisto’s platform supports several business use cases and objectives at different stages of ESG maturity and integration. We help you evolve beyond just reporting to managing your material ESG issues and integrating sustainability into corporate strategy.