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Novisto Welcomes Philippe Peuch-Lestrade as a Strategic Advisor

Photo of Mr. Philippe Peuch-Lestrade.

Mr. Philippe Peuch-Lestrade, Strategic Senior Executive at the IIRC, joins Novisto as a Strategic Advisor.

We’re excited to announce that Philippe Peuch-Lestrade has joined Novisto’s team of strategic advisors. Based in France, Mr. Peuch-Lestrade is the Strategic Senior Executive at the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and was formerly the Global Government and Public Sector Leader for Ernst and Young (EY). Mr. Peuch-Lestrade was an advisor to La Poste, Areva, the European Union, the French Ministry of Finance and the Cour des Comptes. He leads research groups for the Association of Chartered Accountants and launched the French Association for Audit Development. He is also a professor of Public Finance at Paris University. Since 2012 in his role at the IIRC, he has worked with various countries and with the European Union to develop awareness and encourage the accounting of extra-financial issues.

“We’re honored to have an advisor with the depth of experience in corporate finance and integrated reporting like that of Mr. Peuch-Lestrade,” says Charles Assaf, Novisto CEO. “He will help bring a European perspective--the gold standard in terms of sustainability reporting and oversight--to the development of our platform.”“I’m very inspired by the solution Novisto is bringing to the market,” says Mr. Peuch-Lestrade. “The time is ripe for corporates to manage their extra-financial risks and issues in a sophisticated way that meets the need for 21st century value creation.”

Mr. Peuch-Lestrade joins other notable ESG and technology expert members of Novisto’s advisory team, including Andy Chisholm of Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance and Bob Tinker, entrepreneur, co-author and founding CEO of MobileIron.


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