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ESG Software

The Novisto platform is built on a highly secure,
scalable and efficient infrastructure.

Novisto's ESG Reporting & Data Management Software - Report

Scalable Architecture

Novisto’s architecture is based on micro-services and combines flexible and extensible data schema. With highly configurable and user-friendly tools, Novisto helps you streamline complex data collection, gain actionable insights, and future-proof your reporting practices.

Designed to easily integrate with various enterprise systems for both data collection and data output channels.

Novisto enriches the organization’s ESG
understanding with AI-driven insights

Leverage best-in-class technology
and AI-powered data quality assurance to boost your ESG performance.

Unlimited data scale
Fully searchable ESG data warehouse
Centralized and secured SaaS platform
Automatic parsing & ESG data indexing
Enterprise security and administration management


Stay informed on the most important development and recent trends in ESG and sustainability management.