Novisto’s platform can help private investors integrate ESG practices during each stage of the investment lifecycle.

Novisto serves as a system of record (SSOT) for all of a GP’s ESG policies, commitments, and other materials.
  • Easily respond to ESG-related due diligence questions (DDQ) from LPs with quality data at the fund and portfolio company level.
  • Share up-to-date ESG and corporate sustainability information at the firm level.
  • Create tailored ESG reports for LPs with specific requirements and use data to demonstrate the link with overall ESG strategy at the fund level.
Sourcing and Due Diligence
Novisto enables data request workflows that can collect ESG information as part of sourcing and due diligence.
  • Access a robust library of metrics to identify and surface material topics based on industry. 
  • Leverage Novisto research and analysis to identify trends to inform pipeline development.
  • Benchmark potential deals to current portfolio companies’ ESG performance.
  • Keep track of ESG commitments and targets. 
Monitoring, Management, and Reporting
Novisto streamlines ESG data management and reporting while providing fund-level insights of ESG performance.
  • Collect ESG data directly from portfolio companies in an automated process with standardized metrics.
  • Analyze and benchmark with a tool to assess companies’ ESG performance.
  • Consistently report to LPs and other stakeholders on ESG integration practices and portfolio-level performance. 
  • Quickly gather insights for senior leadership into progress on firm-level commitments. 
Novisto can serve as an end-to-end ESG data and reporting solution for portfolio companies, positioning their ESG-readiness as a key part of IPO-readiness or sale.
  • Effectively manage and engage your portfolio companies on their sustainability performance to best position them for an attractive exit (whether as an IPO or sale to another PE firm).
  • Portfolio companies can build a culture of best practices in data management and ESG reporting. 
  • Novisto is well positioned to support any change management initiatives at the company-level as a comprehensive tool for ESG.

Novisto supports major sustainability and ESG standards, frameworks and ratings.

CDP - Novisto
UN SDGs - Novisto
GRI - Novisto
PRI - Novisto
SASB - Novisto

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