Own your ESG journey by harnessing the power of data

Consolidate your sustainability efforts with smarter ESG Data Management and Reporting Software. Have all your ESG data and reporting in a single system of record to leverage the power of automation and AI-driven insights for better decision-making and value creation. Take control of your ESG narrative, disclose what is material to your investors, meet the requirements of third-party ESG questionnaires, and perform competitive analysis- all with the click of a button.

Augment your ESG understanding with Novisto's AI-driven insights

What makes Novisto's ESG Data Management Software unique?

Scalable and agile, Novisto's trailblazing platform empowers you at every step of your sustainability journey.

Take control of your ESG narrative

Centralized Data

Achieve "quality in, quality out" performance by organizing your data.

Streamlined Reporting

Reduce spreadsheet and email fatigue during reporting season.

AI-Driven Analytics

Understand where you are, where you should be, and where you want to be.

Actionable Insights

Gain clarity about what next steps are expected for your continuous and sustainable growth.

Choose Novisto to boost your organization's sustainability performance

Novisto’s architecture is based on micro-services and combines extensible AI-powered components.

Rely on highly customizable and user-friendly tools for your complex ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting. Designed to easily integrate with various enterprise systems for both data collection and data output channels and APIs, you become future-proof with Novisto.

Unlimited data scale
Fully searchable ESG data warehouse
Centralized and secured SaaS platform
Automatic parsing & ESG data indexing
Enterprise security and user management

How can Novisto's ESG Software help your organization?

Novisto supports several business use cases and objectives at different stages of ESG maturity and integration.

Evolve beyond reporting and start to proactively manage your material ESG issues and integrate sustainability into corporate strategy.

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ESG Data Collection

Keep everything in one place

Collect, validate, and elevate audit-ready ESG data through automated workflows, document imports, or APIs to build a centralized and secure system of record for both quantitative and qualitative data. Eliminate the usage of spreadsheets for your data collection and start leveraging truly audit-ready ESG data.

Sustainability Reporting

Bring stability to your reporting practices

Own your narrative while staying aligned with regional and industry-specific regulations by using customizable and standard-compliant sustainability report templates with dynamic guidance for best practices. Streamline your reporting process with Novisto’s data-centric approach.

Novisto's ESG Reporting & Data Management Software - Generic Team


Execute customized and actionable analysis

Leverage AI-powered benchmarking to generate insights on both your sustainability performance and reporting practices in contrast to your selected peers.

Collaborative Workflows

Un-silo sustainability across the organization

Streamline collaboration and information sharing across teams, business units, and regions to advance your ESG disclosure practices. Use Novisto’s ratings and rankings agency integrations, unlimited user seats, and clear role assignments to ensure everyone speaks the same language when it comes to ESG.

ESG Risk Management

Identify and manage material ESG risks

Keep track of your ESG metrics to identify and mitigate ESG risks to support business continuity across geographies. Leverage Novisto to limit organizational risks and expedite your ESG compliance audits by providing access to a user-friendly centralized repository of your organization’s audit-ready ESG data.

Novisto's ESG Software supports major sustainability and ESG standards, frameworks and ratings.

Novisto’s modern ESG platform offers the most used metrics from the major sustainability and ESG Standards, frameworks, and ratings. Our software offers the ability to easily add new metrics to answer your reporting needs.

Our ESG analyst team keep our software up-to-date with the most relevant ESG metrics.

Each industry, company, and business unit faces its own set of material ESG issues and business impacts. ESG data and records cover areas such as:

Novisto's ESG Reporting & Data Management Software - Cloud Platform

Novisto offers a modern and secure ESG Platform.

Novisto ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data with the most advanced security capabilities.

Novisto is committed to compliance with

Global Compliance

Novisto’s operations, policies, and procedures are audited regularly to ensure that they meet and exceed all cloud standards expected by companies.

Data Security​

We adhere to all regulations and best practices for the collection, management, and protection of personal data.​

High Availability​

We provide easy access to the platform without compromising security via SSO and two-factor authentication.​

Access Management​

We provide easy access to the platform without compromising security via SSO and two-factor authentication.​