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Case Study – CAE Partners With Novisto To Manage ESG & Sustainability Data and Reporting

Last updated on February 28th, 2024

CAE has partnered with Novisto, an ESG software provider, to address the growing challenges organizations face in managing ESG and sustainability data. This collaboration aims to improve the process of gathering and sharing ESG information, creating a centralized repository that enhances ESG reporting efficiencies and enables benchmarking and performance improvements. CAE’s focus on ESG performance for internal and external stakeholders, coupled with the need to meet expanding reporting requirements, drove the decision to partner with Novisto. The innovative solution not only streamlines data management but also supports CAE’s sustainability goals, promotes its successes, and engages employees in the firm’s ESG journey. Novisto’s expertise in AI and design thinking further enhances the value of the partnership by providing automation, intelligence, and guidance in CAE’s ESG and sustainability initiatives.

To learn more about CAE’s successful partnership with Novisto and the benefits of their collaborative solution, download the attached file.

Download the Case study