Our Purpose

Our purpose is to advance a more inclusive and resilient society by enabling organizations to create value through sustainability.  

We believe technology is a catalyst in achieving corporate adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices. Facilitating a clear link between economic value creation and sustainable business practices helps drive the integration of sustainability into business models and strategies.

Our Team

Charles Assaf
Co-Founder and CEO
Edouard Clement - Novisto
Edouard Clement
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Marian Borca - Novisto
Marian Borca
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
François Lavigne - Novisto
François Lavigne
Head of User Experience
Marie-Josee Privyk - Novisto
Marie-Josée Privyk
Head of ESG Innovation
Anne Shiraishi - Novisto
Anne Shiraishi
Head of Brand and Communications
Marc-André Dufresne - Novisto
Marc-André Dufresne
Lead Cloud Engineer
Shaima Tilouche - Novisto
Shaima Tilouche
Data Scientist
Alexandre Jutras - Novisto
Alexandre Jutras
Lead Back-End Engineer
Sindhu Krishnamurthy
Full Stack Developer
Valère Verner - Novisto
Valère Verner
ESG Analyst
Monica Simha
ESG Analyst
Kasper Pater
Kasper Pater
Business Development Manager
Maxime Dupuis
Backend Developer
Lauren Katz
Director of Product
Maria Koneva
Solutions Engineer
David Hageraats
ESG Analyst
Serge Habis
Account Development Representative
Mohammad Al Faiyaz
Backend Developer
Ramya Balasubramaniam
Lead Data Scientist
Priyanka Bhuwania
ESG Analyst
Shamili Kosuri
QA Analyst
Leila Maassarani
People and Culture Manager
Mesut Buyuk Novisto
Mesut Buyuk
QA Analyst

Careers At Novisto

We are looking for creative, analytical and driven team players.

At Novisto, we embed our purpose and core values of Trust, Commitment, Impact and Innovation into how we operate, work together as a team, make decisions, and bring value to our customers.

You will have the chance to work with incredibly talented and driven people within our engineering and business teams. While our employees are currently working remotely, we are taking thoughtful measures to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for any new employee joining our growing company.

Ready To Join Us?
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
ESG Analyst
Full Stack Developer
Cloud Developer
Sales Executive
Customer Success Manager
Solution Engineer
Customer Success Operations Manager
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Scrum Master
Data Science Intern
Product Owner
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Operations Engineer
Full Stack Developer
ESG Innovation Analyst
Head of UI/UX

Novisto is backed by leading investors, advisors and ESG experts.

Novisto was founded in 2019 by a team of innovation leaders and entrepreneurs in the technology and sustainability space. We are driven by the core belief that companies with strong sustainability practices will prevail in the long run.

We are putting all of our talent and focus into building technology that revolutionizes how companies manage and report on their sustainability performance. Novisto is backed by Diagram Ventures, Portag3 Ventures and White Star Capital, and we are supported by a wide range of advisors and global ESG experts.

Strategic Advisors

Andy Chisholm - Novisto
Andy Chisholm
Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance Board, Director at RBC
Bob Tinker - Novisto
Bob Tinker
Author, entrepreneur, founding CEO of MobileIron
Philippe Peuch-Lestrade - Novisto
Philippe Peuch-Lestrade
Strategic Senior Executive, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)
Nicolas Chapados
Co-Founder & CSO, Element AI and Imagia (acquired by ServicesNow)

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