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Get Ready for Digital Disruption

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Five ways ESG management will be digitally transformed

Big changes are coming to the corporate ESG world, driven by new technologies, tools, and market drivers. With emerging data-focused platforms, there has never been a better time to demonstrate the ROI of your sustainability investments.

In this white paper, we explore the five key areas that will be transformed as ESG data goes digital. We also highlight:

  • Current challenges in ESG data management
  • The benefits of centralized systems of record (SORs)
  • Why companies are leveraging ESG management platforms to drive their sustainability performance
Download the white paper

“We love that Novisto provides a single store of data for our ESG information. If we use our annual ESG report as an input, Novisto provides us with the ability to leverage our existing data as an output to answer ESG rating agencies and develop additional disclosures. The platform is collaborative in the sense that we can work with internal partners to gather data from several business units.”

“We want to defocus our resources on the reporting side of ESG to refocus our efforts on all of the strategic opportunities we want to put in place. An integrated, automated solution for data collection and reporting makes this much easier.”

"Thanks so much for all the work that went into the metrics work! I can tell you’ve really tried to personalize it to Asana’s data and reporting."