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Q&A: Rémy Tremblay, Senior Full-Stack Developer

Meet Rémy Tremblay, our Senior Full-Stack Developer, who takes us through his career journey at Novisto and provides us with some insights on what it’s like to work in tech. 

Tell Us About Your Career Journey At Novisto

I joined Novisto in April 2022 as a Senior Full-Stack Developer. My role and contributions at Novisto started as soon as I joined the company. My ideas have always been welcomed by my colleagues and I feel like I am part of Novisto’s team. 

What Does Your Day-To-Day Look Like?

My day usually starts in a smooth way with the daily stand up with the team. The team works on two weeks sprints and follows the scrum ceremonies. Most of my time is spent creating new features for the Novisto application or improving existing ones and fixing bugs. I work in collaboration with the product owner and the other developers to make sure our users have the best experience while using the Novisto platform. Nonetheless, each day is different from the other which makes my role even more exciting!

What Features Have You worked On Since You Joined Novisto? 

Most of the features I worked on are part of the metric form builder, the base of the Novisto application. This module allows users to create and update their metrics, which will be used to create their data requests and collect ESG data used for reporting.

What Do You Love Most About Your Role?

Technologies are constantly changing and bringing new ways of doing things. By working in software development, everyday is a new day to learn something new. 

With the evolving projects at Novisto, I am aware that my job will be different a year from now and most probably in five years as well and that makes it fun! There is really no time to be bored as a software developer. 

What Do You Think Sets Novisto Apart From Other Workplaces?

At Novisto, everyone is always ready to help you. Whenever I have a question or a problem, there’s always someone that will take the time to answer or help me. It is a very friendly culture. 

In addition to that, Novisto also offers many tools and platforms to its employees to help with many aspects of their life, like virtual healthcare (Dialogue), wellbeing services (LifeWorks), monetary contribution to Internet/public transport.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone Who Wants To Get Into A Developer Role?

Don’t be afraid to be curious and try new things. There are so many programming languages and frameworks that are evolving. Sticking and mastering a language is good, but understanding the concepts behind it and being able to apply them is better. Also, just start coding, following tutorials and trying to modify the code. Practice makes perfect.