Q&A: Kasper Pater, Head of Business Development

Kasper Pater, our Head of Business Development, takes us through his career journey at Novisto and shares with us some interesting insights about his role.

Tell us about your career journey at Novisto.

I got involved with Novisto through my MBA at HEC Montreal as part of my final consultation mandate. I was really excited to work on the project Novisto had submitted to students. In summer 2020, my team and I presented our 150 pages report to the executives. A few months later, I joined Novisto as a Business Development Manager, the first hire on the business side. I’ve since grown to a Head of Business Development and have hired three other people. I am planning to hire more people to grow the team.

What does your day-to-day look like?

As a growing company, there are lots of roles and responsibilities that are shared between team members. As such, my day-to-day activities vary greatly depending on what is most urgent and important on a certain day. Typically though, I would be working closely with my team of amazing ADRs on existing or upcoming campaigns, interacting with partners who help us in our business development efforts, interviewing candidates, speaking with prospects that might be interested in Novisto’s solution, interacting with our Head of Marketing to maximize our inbound lead generation efforts and more. But everyday is different.

What do you love most about your role?

I get to work with so many different people, I get to learn so much. On the client side, I get exposed to different roles and levels of leadership such as chief sustainability officers, chief financial officers, directors, managers and interns from different departments. I also communicate with people from all over the world as we have international partners.

I have the opportunity to work with extremely motivated individuals who want to excel at their work. My role is to give them all the tools they require to be successful and I love being able to create this prosperous environment for my employees which allows them to reach their career objectives.

What, in your opinion, are the skills needed for this kind of job?

Any sales person needs some kind of grit and perseverance. There are some days when things don’t go your way and you need to keep your head up and continue with the same level of motivation, excitement and determination.

In this particular industry that is changing so rapidly, you also need to be a quick learner, to adapt and be able to keep up with the ESG ecosystem. Finally, a good salesperson always has a good amount of wit and humor. There are plenty of conversations in sales and for that reason it is important to be quick footed and agile.

What do you think sets Novisto apart from other workplaces?

Novisto is a fertile ground for individuals who want to excel and grow their careers rapidly in a purpose-led organization. If we see that someone can take on responsibilities, then we will gladly trust and delegate work to that person.

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