Research Note : Greenwashing

As ESG practices grow, unsubstantiated claims pose significant reputational and legal risks to companies. The rise in greenwashing can be attributed to rising demand for sustainable products, a lack of internal guardrails and controls, and insufficient regulations and standards.

In response to its heightened prevalence, Novisto’s Lead Climate Strategy Analyst, Nick Greenwood has joined forces with Marie-Josée Privyk (Founder and ESG Advisor, FinComm Services) and Grace Alexander (Independent Contractor) to conduct a thorough analysis of the greenwashing landscape. 

This 25+ page report proposes to level-set the current understanding of what greenwashing is, why it happens, and the measures to avoid it. It offers a framework with which companies can understand and contextualize the many headlines and rapid developments about greenwashing happening across the globe. 

Download our comprehensive research note, “Greenwashing: What it is and how to avoid it,” to tackle the critical issue of greenwashing in corporate sustainability.