Briefing Note: State-level Climate Disclosure Updates

With the SEC’s climate disclosure rules on hold, several U.S. states are contemplating their own mandatory climate disclosure requirements. California has taken the lead with its Climate Accountability Package, approved in October 2023, which requires companies to disclose their full value chain emissions and produce a TCFD report.

As businesses navigate this complex regulatory landscape, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest developments. Our comprehensive briefing note, “State-level Climate Disclosures: California, New York, Illinois & Washington,” provides an in-depth analysis of these state-level initiatives.

In this insightful report, we delve into:

  • California’s new Climate Corporate Data Accountability (SB 253), Climate-related Financial Risk (SB 261), and Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosure (AB 1305) Acts
  • Equivalent bills under consideration in New York and Illinois
  • Washington State’s bill relating to greenhouse gas disclosure
  • Implications for companies, including alignment with national and international developments
  • Practical advice for getting started on your climate disclosure journey

As the push for climate transparency gains momentum, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Download our briefing note to position your organization for success in the evolving climate disclosure landscape.