XBRL Is coming To Corporate Sustainability Reporting

In the quest to make corporate sustainability disclosures more easily accessible and comparable, digitization will become an invaluable ally. In particular, the ability for both machines and humans to find exactly the quantitative and qualitative data they’re looking for thanks to Inline XBRL reports may prove to be a game changer. What is XBRL and […]

Biodiversity: Next Up On The Corporate Sustainability Docket

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As global forces finally begin to converge on clear goals and actions to address climate change, the resulting momentum is cutting a path for another critical environmental issue: biodiversity. Capital providers are beginning to recognize biodiversity loss as a major systemic risk, while companies are coming to understand that they both depend on and impact […]

Understanding ESG Metrics

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Measurement and metrics for ESG issues are becoming increasingly important in decision-making by investors, regulators, business partners, and consumers. But what are ESG metrics, really? What do they look like, and why are they important? What is an ESG metric? In general, a metric is a quantitative or qualitative measure used to track progress and […]

We are proud to announce that Novisto, has joined UKSIF

UKSIF (UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association) is a membership organisation for those in the finance industry committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK. UKSIF has been around for over 30 years and is helping 100s of financial services firms in the UK drive sustainability objectives forward, who bring together over £10 […]

List of Key ESG Reporting Frameworks, Standards and Ratings

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In today’s corporate world, the paradigm shift to sustainability and sustainable business practices is quickly gaining ground. Stakeholders including investors, bankers, large customers, and consumers are looking for ESG data and information to make their investing, lending, and purchasing decisions. This shift is fueling a demand for ESG data–information on companies’ environmental, social, and governance […]

The Basics of ESG Data Management: Purpose, Governance, and Quality

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The purpose of corporate data is to allow both management and stakeholders to make decisions and take actions that maximize benefits to the company and to stakeholders. It is a foundational building block of managing and reporting on business-critical issues. Poor data leads to poor decisions and even poorer results – as the popular computer […]